Shark Watch & Shark Snorkel


Shark Watch & Shark Snorkeling


You Don’t Have To Get In The Water!

One of the best places to view sharks is right on the deck of a boat.  There is no need to get into the water to have a great view of sharks unless you really want to. We have designed a day trip to do just that because sometimes the best view of these majestic sharks is right from the deck of a boat.

We provide shark watching trips for those that prefer to watch sharks from the deck of a boat or for the more adventurous you are able to get into the water and snorkel with them. This is your opportunity to watch these magnificent sharks but not get too close. Learn about them from the comfort of a boat and get all the pictures your heart desires.


Lets Get Together for some fun!

There is nothing that brings our guests closer to each other than spending time on the ocean, whether it is on a fun ride, a shark watch or even the shark snorkel. Your guests are bound to return full of smiles and stories to last a lifetime!

We have something for everyone from Shark Watching, to Shark Snorkeling on the Reef and Fun Boat Rides. So don’t miss the boat!


Fun Rides – R 450 per person

  • 1,5 hour Ocean safari fun ride in search of marine life.

Reef Snorkel with Equipment  – R605  per person

  • 1,5 hour snorkeling activity on Aliwal Shoal reef, snorkeling equipment & wetsuit are included.

Shark Watch   – R750  per person 

  • 1,5 hour Ocean safari & admiring the oceanic black tip sharks in action.

Shark Snorkel with Equipment  – R1 500  per person

  • 1,5 hour Ocean safari & snorkeling with the Oceanic Black Tip sharks in action.

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Shark Watch & Shark Snorkel - ScubaCo Diving & Travel

Shark Watch & Shark Snorkel - ScubaCo Diving & Travel