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Sardine Run 2024


The past Sardine Run's were awesome and there was so much happening out at sea. 2023 was the best kept secret...now is the time for you to do the things that you have always wanted to do - THE SARDINE RUN.

Below you will find all the details on the best Sardine Run Package out there, we have perfected the experience for you! Fully inclusive and more, look no further than ScuabCo Diving & Travel for all your Sardine Run needs.

What to Expect on Sardine Run 2024

Operating from Mpame on the Wild Coast which is approximately 6.5 hours drive from Durban. ScubaCo will take care of everything from assisting with arrangements to get you to Mpame and to getting you out on the boat. Whether you are a scuba diver or just want to spend the day enjoying the sardine run action from the boat we at ScubaCo Diving & Travel will make this possible.

Every year the Transkei and Kwazulu-Natal coastline experiences a phenomenon fondly known as the Sardine Run.

Over the years, the Sardine Run has provided tons of fun for everyone; and by everyone, we mean not only the sardines, but the numerous shark species, Humpback whales, and dolphin super-pods that come along for the ride. If you’re looking to experience the ultimate marine migration, you have got to join us and get in on the action for the Sardine Run 2024!

Travelling down to Mpame in the Transkei, ScubaCo Diving & Travel wouldn’t miss this yearly phenomenon for the world; and you shouldn’t either!

Dolphins, usually the common dolphin, Delphinus capensis, come out in droves to show off their hunting prowess and fancy fin work! Experts have estimated that these super pods that come to feed on the migrating sardines have often reached almost 20 000 in number! When these dolphins round the unsuspecting sardines into bait balls, you’ll want to have your camera ready! These bait balls can be massive, up to 20m in diameter, and can extend to a depth of 10m!

You’ll want to have your finger on the trigger though, so to speak, as these bait balls aren’t sustainable or long lasting, and one will have formed and deteriorated into chaos again in minutes!

Sharks are also a feature at the Sardine Run, and they’re not likely to let the dolphins have all the fun. Sharks are also likely to take the opportunity to pick off a couple hundred or thousand sardines when the dolphins do the dirty work of rounding them up into bait balls.

We must not, however, forget those who strike from above! A variety of bird life flocks to the sardine every year, hoping to pick off as much as, if not more than, they can chew! From the hyperactive Cape Gannet to some smaller chance-takers, our feathered friends won’t miss the Sardine Run, why should you?

Finally, some of our water’s most beautiful and majestic whale species can be found in the vicinity of the run every year, despite the fact that many of them don’t actually join in on the run; at least not in the same way that our apex predators do. Keep a keen eye out for Humpback, Southern Right, and Brides whales!

Group Leaders - Contact us today on info@scubaco.co.za to get pricing and group deals

Experience the True Transkei

Deep within the Eastern Cape Coastal Homeland, nestled in the foothills of what was formally known as the Transkei Wild Coast, lays a small coastal village called Mpame. Here you find Bull's Inn Lodge a dot on the map. The lodge is based on a home from home atmosphere, which makes for a unique experience and a far cry from your day to day city life. This separates it from the rest. Accompanied by remote and tranquil rural setting where livestock and an ancient people live.

Driving to Mpame is easy, 3 hours from East London airport or 6,5 hours from Durban. Transportation can be arranged if you don't want to self drive.

All rooms have either a double or two single beds and are En suite. In room amenities are supplied and there is a communal coffee station for your early morning cup.

All meals are supplied, Breakfast, packed lunch box on the boats. Afternoon snack & dinner with desert. You couldn't eat more if your tried. Drinks for your own account.

Keeping in mind our location, there is limited WiFi available at Bulls Inn & cellphone signal on top of the closest hill. You will be able to keep InTouch with your loved ones.

What are you waiting for?

Please Note:  *A reasonable level of fitness is required in order to fully enjoy the Sardine Run experience. What do we mean by this? You will be required to climb into and out of a semi rigid inflatable boat unassisted. There will be a lot of swimming/snorkeling on the surface. You need to follow or keep up with the movement of marine life in the water. In order to see the most you will be required to be rather agile in the water and be "reasonably fit."

What are you waiting for? The Sardine Run 2023 is a life-altering experience you don’t want to miss out on!

2024 Sardine Run Package Pricing

~R39 600 per person sharing

(2-3 Guests per room)

~R44 000 single travelers

(Private room)

~R81 600 per person sharing

(2-3 Guests per room)

~R95 100 single travelers

(Private room)

~R48 200 per person sharing

(2-3 Guests per room)

~R51 800 single travelers

(Private room)





NB: Transportation is not included; this can be arranged on request.


Sharing Room – R2 500 per night**

**No boat days included, these can be added should you wish to join in for a day or two for snorkeling or viewing from the boat should there be space available, please contact Tam for pricing and availability.

Additional Information


  •  Accommodation (Fully Catered - Breakfast, Boat Snacks, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Sardine Run Boat Days
  • Experienced Dive Master & Skipper
  • Boat Fuel for the Day
  • Cylinder & Weights Included       
  • Shared aerial information 


  • Flights & Taxes
  • Airport Transfers to the lodge (Can be arranged on request.)
  • Passports & Visas
  • Personal Insurance
  • Equipment Rental R200 per item per day or R3500 for the week for full gear hire.
  • Beverages unless otherwise specified.
  • Gratuities (10% of your trip price is recommended for your skipper and group leader.)
  • Items of a personal nature


  •  A 50% Reservation Deposit is required to book your spot, this deposit is non-refundable.
  • We are at the mercy of Mother Nature, on bad weather or sea condition days we provide alternate activities to keep you entertained. You will not be refunded for not being able to go to sea.
  • The balance of payment is due 60 days prior to the start of your trip.
  • Sardine Run is non refundable, in other words once you have booked if you are not able to make the trip you will not be refunded.


23rd - 29th June 2024


30th June - 6th July 2024


7th - 13th July 2024


14th -20th July 2024


21st -27th July 2024

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