Aliwal Shoal Experiences

Discover the majesty diving the reef, explore the hidden wonders diving the wrecks or experience the thrill of diving with sharks… The adventure never ends on Aliwal Shoal with ScubaCo Diving & Travel!

Prices valid 1st August 2022 - 1st August 2023

Reef Dive


With 10 incredible reefs to explore, each with their own secrets, Aliwal Shoal offers divers a multitude of diving adventures you’ll want to experience again & again…

Wreck Dive


Explore the wrecks diving The Produce, an old cargo vessel that struck the Northern Pinnacles in 1974, and The Nebo, a 2000 ton steamship that sank on her maiden voyage in May 1884…

If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with these predators of the deep, by diving or snorkeling among these majestic, streamlined beauties.

  • Individual Items: R100 per day

TAKE YOUR FIRST BREATH UNDERWATER. A great way to introduce children from 8 yrs to Scuba Diving in a pool less than 2m of water with an instructor. Youngsters can join the family fun of Scuba Diving.

Reef Try Dive


A REEF DIVE WITH INSTRUCTOR. Designed for beginner divers aged 10 and above, this is the perfect starter course to get you comfortable underwater before you take on the open ocean.

Shark Try Dive


1 SHARK DIVE. Come explore an underwater wonderland with a ScubaCo Instructor who will take you through all the basics of both theory and practical before taking you on your very first dive!

 4 OCEAN DIVES WITH INSTRUCTOR This official Certification Course for open water divers aged 10+, this full entry certification will allow you to dive internationally! 

Advanced 35 program is designed to give you experience in a variety of specialty areas. The course has a strong focus on improving your diving skills and creating a comfortable diver with knowledge and experience in diving to 35m.

This qualification should enable learners to attain the knowledge and practical competencies needed to deal with a range of emergency first aid situations that you may encounter while diving

This unique course builds one’s confidence and ability with diving, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies. 

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Rated in the Top 10 Dive Sites in the world, why have you not dived on Aliwal before?

There is always something to explore on Aliwal Shoal.

Beautiful Wrecks dating back to the 1800's and the 110m Produce Wreck, both these sites are sure to amaze you. Aliwal Shoal's diversity is found no where else in the world. Called the Crown Area, Aliwal Shoal is in a marine protected area and has the smallest Nudibranch's and Paper Fish all the way up to Giant Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

You have to be in the water to experience the true beauty that Aliwal Shoal has to offer.