16 Scuba Diving Courses For Everyone (Our Full Range)

16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving


Whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been out of the water and out of the game for a while, but is hoping to dive back in with a splash, or whether you’re a fish out of water and complete newbie on the diving scene, ScubaCo has a variety of scuba diving courses to get you wet, wild and underwater!

From recreational diving courses to professional scuba diving courses, if you’re looking to complete your diving course you’ve come to the right place!

As an internationally recognized and accredited diving school, ScubaCo can help you complete your own Instructor course, get that open water scuba diving certification you’ve always wanted, and/or perhaps even offer you an internship if you’re keen to learn the ropes of scuba diving instruction!


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16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving



Recreational Scuba Diving Courses



Refresher Diving Course

Are you an experienced diver who’s become a bit of a landlubber lately? Are you hesitant to get back in the open ocean by yourself?

No worries!

ScubaCo offers a refresher course for experienced divers to get you back into the water and diving again! In our very own pool, located at 32 on Harvey, this session with is an opportunity for your to practice your dive skills and work on regaining your confidence before you enter the open ocean again!


Includes: 1 pool session with a ScubaCo Professional


16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving


Try out Diving (Not a certification)

Designed for beginner divers aged 10 and above, this is the perfect starter course to get you comfortable underwater before you take on the open ocean and complete your open water diving course.

Come explore an underwater wonderland with a ScubaCo Instructor who will take you through all the basics of both theory and practical before taking you on your very first dive!


Includes: 1 theory and 1 pool session with 1 supervised open water dive accompanied by an Instructor. Full Equipment hire included.


Please Note: This is not a Certification, but theory and pool time count towards your Open Water Certification. Additional supervised dives will be extra.




Open Water Diver

This official Certification Course for open water divers aged 10+, this full entry certification will allow you to dive internationally!

If you’re dying to experience the thrill of the open ocean for yourself, sign up for ScubaCo’s Open Water Diver Certification course today!

This certification all but guarantees that your holidays and getaways will never be the same, as diving is a super fun activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Completion of this course allows you to dive to depths of 18m for seniors, and 12m for juniors, when in the company of another certified diver!

We can’t wait to help you check this one off your bucket list!

Taking an Open Water Diver course is the best way to start your scuba adventure!

We will teach you all the necessary skills to make sure you feel safe, confident and prepared. Our training courses is designed with you and your schedule in mind.

The Online academics mean that you can study the material at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

For your pool and open water training, we will personally fit you with scuba equipment so that you feel comfortable in your “second skin”. You will have plenty of practice time to adapt yourself to the underwater environment before you begin your open water training dives.

Once you have completed your initial training, you will be able to dive to 20m.


Includes: 5 theory and 5 pool sessions, the formal exam, and 4 open water dives with an Instructor. Also included is all your materials and certification. Finally, all Scuba Equipment needed for your diving course is included in the course fee.

Additional dives can be scheduled.


Excludes: Accommodation, travel, meals & all items of a personal nature.



Adventure Dives

A little sample platter of the Advanced Diving Course we run Adventure Dives for divers aged 10 and up.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready to pursue your advanced diving certification, or you don’t have time to do the whole course yet but you want to dip your toes in the water, then the Adventure Dive is for you!

On these adventure dives we do a quick knowledge review with our divers followed by an open water dive with one of our instructors.



Explorer 30

You have finished your Open Water Diving Course, now what’s next?

Our Explorer 30 programme is the perfect choice to gain more knowledge and experience in the underwater world! During the Explorer 30 programme you will have the chance to try out five different specialities.

You will complete five dives which cover the following:

– Better Buoyancy control for safer, more relaxed and controlled diving                         

– Greater understanding of underwater navigation                                                          

– Experience and understand the procedures for planning and excursion of deeper dives (up to 30m)

– Experience elective dives based on dive conditions, environments and interests          

– Gain skills to dive in a range of different environments or dive sites

Later, you can choose to complete all or just a few of your selected specialties through a Specialty Course by completing the second dive and finishing all academic requirements.

Choose your preferred Specialty areas and continue your adventure right after your Open Water Diver Program!


Includes: Use of Advanced Manual (required), SCUBA equipment rental (Cylinder, BCD, Regulator and Weight belt).


Excludes: MPA Fees, accommodation, travel, meals and all items of a personal nature. Excludes soft gear hire (Wetsuit, Mask & Fins).



Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water Diver Certification can be undertaken by diver’s aged 10+ who have completed their Open Water Divers Certification.

On this diving course you will gain valuable experience and confidence in a controlled, supervised environment. This diving course allows you to enjoy deeper dives and thereby access some of the dive sites which were previously inaccessible to you as an Open Water Diver.

The two mandatory dives are: Deep and Navigation and the additional dives can be discussed with your ScubaCo instructor to ensure that you get to experience the dives which YOU enjoy (specific dive allowances are age dependent).


Advanced 35

Our Advanced 35 program is designed to give you experience in a variety of speciality areas and the scuba diving course has a very strong focus on improving your diving skills and creating a comfortable diver with knowledge and experience in diving to 35m.

As a qualified Advanced 35 diver you will be confident to plan and execute dives to 35m using nitrox.

Your dive planning will all take place using your dive computer so that you are comfortable to switch your oxygen percentage on your computer and plan your dives based on all the available information.

– The first dive that we perform is purely focused on improving your buoyancy skills, your instructor will spend the dive showing you small tricks and making suggestions to help you achieve perfect buoyancy.

– Our second dive we focus on navigation, this gives you a further opportunity to hone those buoyancy skills that you learnt on the previous dive and gives you an understanding of natural navigation and compass work.

– Our third dive is a rescue dive where we focus on self rescue; identifying potential problems, solving minor problems before they become an issue and assisting a buddy in distress, however we do encourage all divers to participate in the Master Rescue program as this gives one a true appreciation of diver rescue.

– Dives 4 and 5 are deep dives, to 30m and 35m respectively, your instructor will focus on the safety aspects of deep diving and a great deal of effort will be spent on making sure you are able to accurately work out air consumption and interpret your dive computer.

– Dive 6 is an elective dive and based on the area your instructor will offer you a wide range of specialty dives from night diving to wreck diving.


Includes: 5 adventure dives with an Instructor, and Scuba equipment rental (Cylinder, BCD, Regulator & Weight belt), Advanced Open Water Diver information pack and certification. MPA Fees are included.


Excludes: Accommodation, travel, meals and all items of a personal nature. Excludes soft gear hire (Wetsuit, Mask & Fins).


16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving



Emergency First Response (Primary & Secondary Care + AED)

This course is great for divers of all ages, and will teach you the basics of how to perform CPR, as well as how to administer basic First Aid to those in need.

The EFR course is a one day course which teaches you the fundamentals in coping with an emergency situation which includes the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

This diving course and certificate are prerequisites to begin the Rescue Course.


Includes: The course includes EFR Manual and Quick Reference Card (required).


Rescue Diver Course

This course can be completed by divers aged 12 and up, and is some serious fun! It is a course designed to expand your knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level.

Although great fun, this diving course is quite serious in its nature and context and the knowledge gained enables divers to effectively perform rescues and assists, manage emergency situations and give proper first aid.

A valid CPR/ First Aid certificate is a prerequisite to begin the Rescue Course.


Includes: All theory and pool sessions, 4 open water training dives with a ScubaCo Instructor, Rescue Diver Course Material, Scuba equipment rental (Cylinder, BCD, Regulator & Weight belt) and certification. MPA Fees are included.


Excludes: Accommodation, travel, meals & all items of a personal nature. Excludes soft gear hire (Wetsuit, Mask & Fins).



Master Rescue Diver

The Master Rescue Diver program that we offer is a very important step in expanding your knowledge and experience with rescue beyond that of a purely recreational diver.

This unique course builds one’s confidence and ability with diving, providing the skills and knowledge to help you better understand how to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies.

Are you ready for this? This diving course is demanding and realistic in its conduct, content and approach.

Our training methods include interactive discussions, practical rescue skills and practice in a swimming pool, rescue skills practiced in the open water and under the guidance of your instructor.

We then take these individual components and with your instructor guiding you, you perform a number of realistic practical rescue scenarios, taking the scenario from identifying the problem to solving the situation and concluding the rescue.




Speciality Courses

These courses are designed to properly explain the fundamentals of Specialised areas of Diving i.e. Deep Diving, Wreck Diving and Enriched Air (nitrox) Diving to name a few.

The courses ensure that you build confidence and experience in your favoured areas of diving and add great value to your current and future qualifications.


Nitrox Diver

Have you ever dreamed of being able to stay underwater for longer to take that perfect photo or explore that seldom dived wreck?

Well I think most divers has felt the frustration of running low on bottom time before they are ready to surface and have wished for those extra couple of minutes.

The Nitrox Diver is the answer to many of your dreams.

Nitrox if managed correctly may allow you to extend your diving time by a few minutes, in our Nitrox program you will learn all the necessary rules for planning dives with Nitrox and on this program we will learn you how to set your dive computers to take full advantage of the enriched air nitrox that we are breathing.

“Nitrox for free” is becoming quite common in a lot of resort marketing. This means that you do not have to pay extra for Nitrox, but all diving operators will want to see a valid Nitrox certificate before you can dive.


Deep Diver

There are many reasons to dive deep, some exciting dive sites are located in deeper water with many of the world’s most spectacular wrecks lying beyond the normal depth limits of an Open Water 20 diver.

Although it can be tempting to dive that little bit deeper, the reality is that without proper training, this kind of diving can put you at risk.

Our Deep Diving Course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to safely be able to enjoy the wrecks and reefs that are within reach of recreational divers (up to 40m).

If you want to take your knowledge of deep diving further, ScubaCo is your perfect training partner as we have all the programs you will need to reach your dream dive sites.



Wreck Diving Speciality

What an amazing experience to be able to dive on a shipwreck and briefly be drawn into the history of that wreck.

We as divers are privileged to have the ability to visit these historical and in many cases tragic shipwrecks and share those experiences with our non diving buddies through photography and videography.

Learning how to preserve the shipwreck and how to dive safely in the vicinity of a shipwreck is critical for your enjoyment and is a preparation for any Advanced Wreck specialty where you’ll learn how to safely penetrate a wreck.


Navigation Diver

Have you ever dived with your buddy or more likely your instructor, and been absolutely amazed at how they know exactly where you are even in low visibility or on night dives?

Some divers will tell you that underwater navigation is a natural instinct that only some people have, whereas the reality is that underwater navigation is a learnt skill.

So with some training and practice you will also be able to amaze your dive buddies by being able to successfully navigate from one point to another underwater and even exit at a pre-planned exit point.

In the Navigation Course we will explain natural navigation, compass work and give you plenty of time to hone these skills with practical experience.


Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

Ae you ever wanted to take pictures like a professional underwater, there is a way to learn all you need to about taking underwater images and in a day and age of point and shoot and DSLR Camera the possibilities are endless. Trust us the images that you get will stun your friends.

By taking some time to fine tune your skills you will learn how to choose what is right for you, most importantly fine tune your buoyancy and how to correctly compose images underwater. The basics of editing your images also helps a load and we will show you some tricks.


– Highly Recommended:  Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty
– 10 years of age
– Junior Open Water Diver (or equivalent rating from another training agency)


Includes: Relevant Specialty Material. Certification and 2 Dives with your  Instructor. Scuba equipment rental (Cylinder, BCD, Regulator and Weight belt).


Excludes: MPA Fees, accommodation, travel, meals and all items of a personal nature. Soft Gear Hire (Wetsuit, Mask & Fins).




Go Pro Scuba Diving Courses


ScubaCo Dive Master Course  – Let’s “Take it to the Next Level”!

If you’re interested in taking it one step further than recreational diving, we’ve got the training course for you!

Let ScubaCo help you to “Take it to the Next Level”!

Whether you want to be Dive Master or an instructor, we’ve got a diving course to suit your needs.

We understand that not everybody wants to be an instructor and have therefore developed 2 separate programmes which can be taken separately or as one Comprehensive Professional Course.

These 2 programmes can be done as either a part time programme or as a full time option to leading the ultimate lifestyle.

The choice lies entirely with you as to whether you want to be a Dive Master or go all the way to become a Diving Instructor.



Divemaster Course

The Dive Master course is the first professional level within the system of diver education and allows you to work as a training assistant on courses and programs, supervise certified divers during pleasure diving experiences, and conduct some diving programs independently.

Becoming a Dive Master consists of the following segments: knowledge development, practical application and the Dive Master final exam.

The classroom sessions of the course, covers nine topics that prepare you for the practical sessions needed to complete the Dive Master course.

Through these theory sessions and practical segments of the Dive Master course, you become well prepared to work as a Dive Master leading dives and or assisting with courses.

The total time required to complete the Dive Master Course is a minimum of 3 months.


What are the prerequisites for the Divemaster Course?

Prior to enrolling on the Dive Master Course, you must be at least 18 years old, have a current medical certificate attesting to your diving fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months, and be a certified Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver you obtain from approved dive training organizations.

You must also have completed an Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care course (or other sanctioned first aid and CPR course) within the past 24 months and be able to prove that you have completed at least 40 logged dives (60 logged dives are required before being able to complete the Dive Master course with experience of deep dives, night dives and underwater navigation).

If you have any questions as to whether you meet the necessary prerequisites, please contact ScubaCo and we will gladly assist where we can.

This first level in diving leadership is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to organize, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, and act as an instructor’s assistant.

Over 3 months you will develop your dive theory and get hands on experience with student divers.

Package includes:

– Dive Master Tuition and Certification
– Return Airport transfers​​​
– 20 Dives  (including Baited Shark Dives)
– Dive Centre Maintenance
– Guesthouse logistics and Maintenance
– Dive Centre Administration
– Discount on all dive equipment purchases
– A life changing experience (FREE!!)
– Career advice and counselling

Package Exclude:

– Meals
– Accommodation
– Flight to South Africa
– Dive Master application to fee payable directly to agency
– Dive Master Materials

Excludes: Dive Master Materials, Agency Fees and all equipment needed. Also excludes the cost of any MPA Fees, accommodation, travel, meals & all items of a personal nature. Accommodation can be arranged at a nominal fee close to the dive centre.


16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving


The Instructor Development Course Preparation

Please note that this preparation course is not compulsory to join the Instructor Development Course (IDC).

As an instructor you are expected to know your dive theory at a professional level. There is honestly nothing better than spending a few days going through everything with a professional Instructor.

This involves taking it beyond the Dive Master level and is accomplished through independent study before IDC. Take our 2-day preparation course to review and hone your dive theory and skills.



– Classroom work
– Pool sessions working on fine tuning your skills as required by your Course Director.


– Dive Theory Workbook (recommended)
– Diving Course Prices available on request.
– Excludes accommodation, meals and travel costs.


The Instructor Development Course (IDC)

This is the highlight of the journey your scuba life, you started diving to reach this level a certified Open Water instructor. Over the next 2 weeks you will be taken through 3 phases of training:

1. Assistant Instructor
2. Open Water Diver Instructor
3. Emergency First Response Instructor

On this course all instructor candidates will review diving standards, procedures, philosophies and teaching methods as well as practice and perfect their practical teaching ability, waterman ship, and diving knowledge. This is the ultimate test and the next 12 days will change you forever.


– Classroom
– Pool Sessions


– Agency Fees
– IDC Application Fee
– EFRI Registration
– IDC & EFRI Crew pack (Required)
– MPA Fees
– Accommodation
– Travel
– Meals
– All items of a personal nature.


The Instructor Exam

Once you have successfully completed the IDC you move on to the final 2 days of your journey to becoming a certified diving instructor. The IE or Instructor Exam.

On the IE day the examiner will test your theory knowledge, classroom presentation abilities as well as both confined and open water teaching abilities. The examiner is appointed by the respective agency.

Please note that the IE is NOT simply a pass or fail programme. Once you have successfully completed the IE and received notification of your qualification you can begin changing lives.


– Agency Fee + Instructor Examination Fee.
– All accommodation
– Travel costs associated with the logistics of where the IE is taking place.





Speciality Training Courses


Earning Specialty Instructor ratings increases your value in the job market and as an independent instructor gives you an additional 5 potential income streams.

They allow you to teach a wide variety of special interest courses and many professional dive operators require that you have at least 5 specialties as an instructor.

Your course Director will train you on how to teach the chosen specialties over a 2 day period at the end of the IDC, while conducting training and preparation dives.


– Training and certification to become qualified to teach 5 specialties.


– Fee Paid directly to diving agency – for 5 specialties.
– MPA Fees
– Accommodation
– Travel, meals & all items of a personal nature.



Internship Program


In conjunction with one of South Africa’s leading course directors and his 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, ScubaCo is proud to offer our Career Development Programme.

This programme is the ideal way to utilise a gap year and obtain a useable qualification in a short space of time. With a classroom facility, full retail store and compressor facility we are able to offer a comprehensive learning experience to all our students.

The programmes have been structured in such a way that you can get onto the programme you want at any time and courses already completed will be credited on the programme.

You will therefore only be charged a pro rata for the courses you still need to do to complete the chosen programme.

Our programmes are aligned to the pre-set dates for the Instructor Examination weekends but we do whatever we can to accommodate your specific needs and timing.


Please give any of our Diving Professionals a call to discuss the next step in the process or for a formal quotation on the Career Development Programmes we offer.


16 Scuba Diving Courses (See Our Full Range) - ScubaCo Diving


Phase 1

Advanced Course, Emergency First Response Course, Rescue Diver Course and Divemaster Course.


Includes: All Course Materials, all classroom lecture sessions, and approximately 30 Dives. Also includes certification, scuba gear use and Divemaster Jacket.


Excludes: All trips, travel expenses, Divemaster fee (approx. R 1000) and everything else not mentioned above.


Duration: Approximately 3 months


Phase 2

This is an experience phase where you will work as Divemaster on Trips and Courses for ScubaCo and for the 5 Star Career Development Centre.

Here you will gain valuable experience designed to equip you to be the best instructor possible. You will learn how to plan, organise, control and conduct dive trips and courses. You will learn how to effectively lead dives and train student divers.

You will also learn the workings of the retail environment as well as the operational side of a dive store/operation. In addition to all the above you will be increasing your number of logged dives in preparation for the next phase of the programme.


Phase 3

IDC Prep, IDC and EFR Instructor


Includes: All classroom and water training sessions for the Prep and the IDC, All the tuition for the EFR Instructor course and the material crew packs for the EFR Instructor course and the IDC. Use of scuba gear and 2 X Instructor (IDC) Shirts and an Instructor Jacket.


Excludes: All travel costs associated with the programme and any trips which may be undertaken. Also excludes all travel and accommodation costs associated with the IE. Regestration Fees for OWSI and EFR. (Approx R 9500).


So whether you’re looking to tick diving off your bucket list, or are looking to get into the biz with us by way of our internship program, we would love to hear from you!






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