Professional Courses

RAID Dive Master Course

The Dive Master course is the first professional level within the system of diver education and allows you to work as a training assistant on courses and programs, supervise certified divers during pleasure diving experiences, and conduct some diving programs independently.

Becoming a Dive Master consists of the following segments: knowledge development, practical application and the

The classroom sessions of the course, covers nine topics that prepare you for the practical sessions needed to complete the Dive Master course.

Through these theory sessions and practical segments of the Dive Master course, you become well prepared to work as a Dive Master leading dives and or assisting with courses.


 Please chat to Tamara at ScubaCo to find out the exact requirements in order to start you DM course.

 Below is a list of the basic course requirements to become a RAID Divemaster. You must first complete as a minimum the following dive courses (this information covers the minimum requirements):

  • Open Water 20,
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced 35
  • Deep 40
  • First Aid & Oxygen Provider
  • Navigation
  • Master Rescue Diver.

 If you have more than the minimum courses required it is never a problem, we always recommend that having additional specialties is a great addition to your diving experience.

 You will require a minimum 25 hours of logged in-water experience and 60 logged dives in open water to become a RAID Diver master. This in water experience is very important to take on the necessary responsibilities that come with a professional level qualification.

 You will also need to have a diving medical less than 6 months old, which is signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner.

 We feel good buoyancy control should be part of a specialty diver certification. If you have come through the RAID system you would have been taught to hover in the horizontal diver position. If not, there will be a workshop provided to train you in this vital buoyancy skill. Being a Great Dive Master involves assisting your divers.

Course content:

The RAID Divemaster course you will learn to be a leader in the diving industry amongst your peers. You will be able to lead and control divers in the water, as well as safely conduct dives and should the unlikely situation need a skilled rescuer you will be the one. You will be suitably qualified to assist instructor in their training and be in charge of certified divers on dive activities.

With your online training and self-study Your time with your instructor will elaborate what you have learnt and make sure that you are qualified to the highest standard in the industry and enabling you to look after other divers. This is the beginning of your Professional level of diving and will ultimately prepare you for your Instructor course.

 You will spend a lot of time in the pool refining your dive skills to ensure that you have the necessary skills to demonstrate skills to students. You will also be able to assist Instructors on other dive courses, including having the ability to asses dive conditions and potential risks at dive sites.

Sections you will cover on your course:

If you have any questions as to whether you meet the necessary prerequisites, please contact ScubaCo and we will gladly assist where we can.

This first level in diving leadership is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to organize conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, and act as an instructor’s assistant as well as get you ready for your Instructors Course all new RAID Instructor candidates successfully completing the IDP will exit with the RAID Try Dive Instructor rating just as they currently do with Deep and Nitrox.

  • Diving in General
  • Environment
  • Dive Equipment
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Rescue
  • Management

  • Review of personal diving skills
  • Stamina and waterman ship skills
  • Diver rescues
  • Dive briefing and dive site evaluations
  • Risk management exercises
  • Environment dive mapping
  • Assisting and conducting program’s

Part 1: Supervision of student divers

  • Assist with Open Water 20 Training
  • Assist with Advanced Training
  • Assist with Master Rescue Training

 Part 2: Dive Leadership

  • Scuba Refreshers
  • Try Dives
  • Local Area Orientations
  • Dive leading certified divers on tour for pleasure

R 31 500 per person including materials

The Instructor Development Programme ( IDP)

Choosing to become a RAID Dive Instructor is a life changing decision. Some people become instructors to be able to change the lives of others, and most do it for their ticket to world travel and being paid at the same time. For others, it is reaching the top of your diving career. A RAID Instructor certification can open the door to an exciting new adventure or simply enhance your enjoyment of diving.

As an instructor you are expected to know your dive theory at a professional level. This involves taking it beyond the Dive Master level and is accomplished through independent study before IDC.

This is the highlight of the journey your scuba life, you started diving to reach this level a certified Open Water Scuba instructor. Over the next 2 weeks you will be taken through all the phases of training:

On this course all instructor candidates will review diving standards, procedures, philosophies and teaching methods as well as practice and perfect their practical teaching ability, waterman ship, and diving knowledge. This is the ultimate test and the next 12 days will change you forever.

For full details please send Tamara, our in house RAID Instructor Trainer an email on mcfish@scubaco.co.za for more in depth details.

The training is divided into two sections, knowledge and skill development.

  • Personal Skill development
  • Instructor Code of Practice
  • RGDS comprehension
  • Risk Management and Emergency Procedures
  • The business of diving
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Briefing & Debriefing
  • Supervision and guidance of diving activities
  • Teaching, demonstration & supervision of skills
  • Problem recognition and solving
  • Student Evaluation
  • Equipment
  • Academic teaching presentations
  • Confined water teaching presentations
  • Open Water teaching presentations

R35 000 per person for the Instructor Development Program.

Instructor Exam R 10 000 per person.

The Instructor Exam

Once you have successfully completed the Instructor Development Programme you move on to the final 2 days of your journey to becoming a certified diving instructor. The IE or Instructor Exam.

RAID IEs are highly standardized and totally objective assessments of the candidate’s abilities. They are conducted only by RAID Examiners which may include RAID International and RAID Regional Office staff and are conducted right here in Aliwal Shoal.

The IE will test standards, practical ability and the professional attitude of the candidates. It is a milestone in the Instructor training process and the goal for anyone wanting to become a high quality dive Instructor.

Instructor Exam Price: R10 00 per person.