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Whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been out of the water and out of the game for a while, and hoping to dive back in with a splash. Or maybe you’re a fish out of water and complete newbie on the diving scene? ScubaCo has a variety of scuba diving courses to get you wet, wild and underwater!

Offering from beginner diving courses to professional scuba diving courses. If you’re looking to complete your diving course you’ve come to the right place!

As an internationally recognized and accredited diving school, ScubaCo can even help you complete your own Instructor course.

Get that open water Scuba diving certification you’ve always wanted. Start today!


What do you need to get started?

In order to get started on your new adventure you will firstly need to choose your course. Send us a mail and we can send you some more details if needed. Make sure that you go through the medical form below. Should you answer yes to any question on the medical form you will need to see a doctor in order to get clearance to scuba dive. Should nothing apply to you then you are all set to start your studies online. After your studies are complete you will be able to get into the water. Below is the link for the full medical, have a look through page 1 and see if anything applies to you.


Choose your course below to find out more…


Join us for a day to see if it really is for you…not a certification but you’ll get a great feel for diving.

Try Dive >

Open Water 20

This is your first diving course to get started. Intentionally accepted & everything is included.

Open Water 20 >

Explorer 30 / Advanced 35

Expand your diving knowledge with either of these two courses. Taking your diving to new depths.

Explore >


scubaco diving professionals

Master Rescue

Learning how to assist other divers should the need arise is a skill that will make you a better diver and change your diving style.

Master Rescue>

Dive Master

This is the first step in your professional path to becoming an Instructor. Dive Master’s are a must in any dive center, and a  life changing decision.

Dive Master >


The ultimate step in becoming a dive professional and being able to change others lives. There is nothing better than being an Instructor.

Instructor Courses >


RAID Training Flow Chart:

For additional information, please contact us on info@scubaco.co.za