Shark Diving


Come diving with sharks where there are no cages and no limits to what you can achieve!

Aliwal Shoal is home to a variety of shark species. Throughout the year our waters offer up some of the most exhilarating opportunities in the world to dive with sharks. With Oceanic Black tip sharks, dusky sharks, bull sharks and the famous ever present, but shy, tiger shark frequenting our bait stems, we are able to offer world class shark diving in a relaxed, safe and controlled environment, add to these our seasonal ragged tooth sharks (grey nurse shark) and hammerhead sharks the stage is set for one of the most life changing shark diving experiences of your diving career.

Shark Diving Experience - ScubaCo Diving & Travel

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Whether you are a scuba diver or snorkeler we are able to share this shark diving experience with you and if at first you’d prefer not to be in the water, we offer an amazing interaction and photographic opportunity on one of our Shark Watch launches. We pride ourselves on our 100% safety record, our eco-friendly compliant baiting methods and our staff selected from the cream of the crop in the diving industry in South Africa.

With ScubaCo Diving & Travel we can assure you of personal, high quality service, small groups and attention to detail under pinning everything we do. With excitement, adrenaline and adventure being the order of the day we look forward to welcoming you aboard any one of our predator interaction excursions, where there are no cages and no limits to what you can achieve!

 Shark Diving Experience - ScubaCo Diving & Travel

Importance of Shark Conservation.

Maintaining the Balance

Sharks are our apex predators and essential to the marine ecosystem.

Although you wouldn’t think they are very important to the balance in the ocean. They have evolved with a very slow reproductive rate and only raise a few pups per year.

Shark Diving Experience - ScubaCo Diving & Travel


 Maintaining Biodiversity

Many marine experts believe that sharks are vital in maintaining marine biodiversity and concern has been raised that some species may become extinct before their ecological role is fully understood.



Maintaining Genetic Fitness

Predators by nature target the ‘easiest to catch’ prey specimens. This invariably results in sick and weaker fish being caught first. Through this process the weaker genes are removed from the pool, ultimately maintaining the overall genetic “fitness” of prey populations.

Shark Diving Experience - ScubaCo Diving & Travel


Sharks are Vulnerable

Sharks are typically slow growing creatures with low reproductive capacities. This means that high levels of unnatural mortalities can quickly push shark populations to the brink of collapse and ultimately extinction. Lets save them and observe them, on the shark dives we are able to show you a different side of these magnificent apex predators that will fascinate you for hours!

Shark Diving Experience - ScubaCo Diving & Travel