About Aliwal Shoal


Northern Pinnacles

Max. Depth: 17m

Pinnacles are known as the reason for our amazing Wrecks. The pinnacles stand out from the bottom to 6m from the surface. This dive site has gullies, overhangs, caves and swim-troughs.

North Sands

Max. Depth: 17m

North Sands is a huge sand patch surrounded with loads of other dive sites. North Sands is known for a big amount of Round ribbon tail rays and in summer months, guitar sharks is also a common sight.


Max. Depth: 17m

Chunnel is the dive spot known as the waterway where the sharks constantly move. There are mainly Ragged-tooth sharks, but you will also see some Raggie scorpionfish, ribbon tail rays, turtles and sand sharks.

Tiger Cove

Max. Depth: 18m

This dive spot is part of the inside edge and it has a big overhang that forms a cave at the bottom of the wall. Tiger Cove is named after the great amount of Tiger cowries that’s found there. Corals on Tiger cove includes: big green fern coral, black coral, whip coral and a variety of other soft coral. Goldies and other juvenile fish form clouds around the black coral. The Guinea fowl moray eel, nudibranchs, guitarfish, scorpionfish and false stonefish are some of the many life on this dive spot.

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Eel Skin

Max. Depth: 19m

The scenery on this dive site is some of Aliwal Shoal’s best. Starfish in all shapes sizes and colour. Peacock manta shrimp, pufferfish and boxfish are also a common sight on Eel skin. Nudibranchs and green fern coral is also a beautiful sight on this site.

Manta Point

Max. Depth: 22m

There is huge rocks found on this site with caves big enough for Ragged-tooth sharks to fit in and overhangs and ledges with loads of fish hiding underneath. There is also swim-trough and gullies. Sightings on this dive sight is schools of tropical fish, soft coral, hard coral and the famous leather coral.

Raggies Cave

Max. Depth: 19m

Raggies Cave consists of caves, overhangs, gullies and swim-troughs’. Hard coral are found on this site and in the gullies you will find juvenile fish, false stonefish and scorpionfish.


Max. Depth: 27m

Cathedral is a cave surrounded by a crater-like rock formation with Ragged-tooth sharks swimming in and out patrolling their territory.

South Sands

Max. Depth: 18m

South Sands is also a big sand patch with reef (scattered rocks peppering the sand). Boxfish, pufferfish and crayfish are locals on this site. Popular coral here is: leather coral, yellow turret coral and thistle coral. Be on the look-out for game fish like tuna.

Howard’s Castle

Max. Depth: 21m

On this beautiful dive there is channels with walls of reef on either side and within this walls there are overhangs and amazing swim-troughs’. Loads of different corals are found here, which includes: leather porous, sponges and Thistle bright yellow Deadman’s finger. Flute mouth fish, trumpet fish, the Devil fire fish and the Manta shrimp are some of the exciting species you can see on this dive, also be on the lookout for game fish and the Tiger shark.